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Dear customers,
Let us welcome you in a „Peruvian bank“ whose safes are full of delicious food and drinks. Maybe you ask yourself a question why a bank and why Peruvian? You can get the answer for the first question when you look out of our window – financial institutions dominate in this surrounding so we have tried our best to keep in touch with the character of our surrounding…. The answer for the second question can varry. For example, to let everybody know that it is not possible to save or withdraw money in our bank, you can only spend it here. In accordance with this, it is a kind of way to give honour to original sophisticated population of Peru - Indians, who created the basis of modern societies where they lived within the nature for hundreds years. It is not our ambition to offer you various Peruvian food – it is not possible according to disavailability of original raw materials. Although we have prepared some specialities for you, our aim is to create the real atmosphere and the spirit of Ink Empire. We are trying really hard to provide our services aiming the protection of our environment so we are using in our restaurant only recycling and natural materials. We use the hand made earthenware by serving meals dishes. Thanks to variability of our inside room we are ready to organize social events for close circle of guests, weddings and routs for 100 guests. We do hope that you will feel in our restaurant relaxed, but if you have any notices or restrictions to the work of our employees, please do not hesitate and call the manager of this restaurant. We wish you have a nice time and enjoy your food.

Important information:
• The menu is valid since 1st of August 2015..
• The weight of meal and meat is given in raw form.
• The prices of meals inclusive VAT.
• Smoking is not allowed in any part of the restaurant.
• Chef Mr. Ivan Pavlovič is responsible for the preparation of meals.
• The preparation of the specialities takes from 20 to 40 minutes, the time of their preparation depends on the number of ordered meals
• The meal orders have been accepted till 9:30 p.m.
• On request of customers the meal will be packed. The package is 0,30€ .
• The price for preparation of a small portion for adults is 1,00€, The preparation of a small portion for children is free of charge.
• The table reservations and the reservation of the ”Golden Adjoining Room” are possible on Tel. +421 42 4260882
• e-mail: bancodelperu@bancodelperu.sk Internet: www.bancodelperu.sk
• Youcanfindusalso on Facebook
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